Using Office 365 for work

Using Office 365 for work is the new norm.  Office as a stand alone application for your computer is almost becoming outdated.  Most people now use Google Docs for free or even the documents if you have a Hotmail / Outlook account.  Even my kids school uses Office 365 (on their Chromebooks – which is a whole other post).

I personally prefer paying for an application that works though and doesn’t always require an internet connection since I’m not always online.  For example, right now, I am writing this on a Microsoft Surface 2, which is a tiny little tablet with a even smaller keyboard so expect some typos and the occasional cramped finger as I type this.

Office 365 vs Google Docs

Office 365 vs Google Docs

Office 365 typically costs $7-$10 per month per user to use.   You can also run Google Docs in professional mode for about the same price or use the free Google Docs if you have a Gmail account.

The reason that I stress cloud office applications is for the fact that you can switch between PC’s without having to worry about losing documents.  You can also share documents more seamlessly amongst team members.   For example, we use a shared spreadsheet to track customer projects and where they are in terms of progress and payment. They are than color coded to show that progress as well so we know which ones require more urgent attention and which are completed and which are paid.

Going back to this Microsoft Surface 2 that I am typing on, it is a cheap little tablet.  I paid under $300 for it and it has a full copy of Office 2013 built in.  Actually it’s more like a student version of Office since it only has Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  Those work for me though since they are the most common apps that I use on a daily basis.  My paid version of Office includes Sway and Yammer which is our internal social / chat setup and allows us to chat back and forth during the day.

I also spend a lot of time in OneNote which is a free Microsoft application that can be installed on a lot of devices.  My wife uses it to track grocery lists and other lists that she’s working on.  I use it to track client notes and requirements.  It’s a GREAT application considering that it’s free.  You can switch between your phone, home computer, work laptop etc etc  It keeps the data in the cloud so you will require an internet connection to make it work correctly.

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